Little known OJ facts

i dont know who knows ( or cares for that matter… but since this is MY shit… fuck you lol ) but i think most people who read this shit knows i can hold my own in the kitchen…

you give me a reciepe and i can make some pretty spectacular shit. ( if errin comments… dont believe anything negative she says )

but… my favorite meal of all time…

Hot dogs and French Fries. that shit is SO great. with onions and cheese n shit… yea a nigga breath be hummin ( when is the last time you heard a muhfucka say that shit? lol ) but i could give a fuck. i love that shit.

i just made me a plate right now and i am rather satisfied.

3 Responses to “Little known OJ facts”

  1. Simple meals are often the best..

    I had a kickin ass meal tonite of turkey hot dog smothered with black bean turkey chilli.. with jalepeno peppers and extra onions.. (stands next to oj, so our breath can hummmmm together)

    All I needed was the fries u made homie.