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Letterman to McCain: John, tell me how my Ass Taste!

If you managed to miss this some how. Or you dont know some how. John McCain was suppose to be on Late Night with David Letterman. One of my favorite shows i ever watch. If i could only take the first 30 min, i would. lol but with Chris Rock being on and this shit. Maybe I should just tape the whole shit regularly lol

But anyway… like I was saying. McCain was suppose to be on Letterman, he canceled because he thought being on Letterman, because he suspeneded his campaign, and was off to washington to help with the Bailout situation. He called Dave and canceled personally. Dave was HOT, and let it be KNOWN! lol

I taped this whole episode on my DVR. its never coming off.

To make the murder complete thought, everybody knows, Keith Oberman is not one to hide his feelings about republicans, or shit he dont feel is right, on either side honestly. I wouldnt say that Dave got Keith Oberman to replace McCain to be spiteful really. Ive been to NYC once. And the one thing I do remember, NBC studios and where Oberman films his shit, in Rockafeller square / center or whatever the fuck, is RIGHT down the street from the Ed Sullivan theatre where Late Show is filmed. You can see it damn near from where Oberman films. But I will say, it did play out nicely in a way that doesnt favor McCain at all lol.

the clips honestly does the whole show very little justice. the monologue was fuckin brutal, but that was really only the beginning lol this muhfucka was fucking pissed. oh, and actually, to make the murder MORE complete. like to really finish it off… this muhfucka McCain, was actually at CBS studios…  IN NEW YORK, where the Late Nite is taped, doing an interview with Katie Couric. Dave got wind of this, and actually went to the live feed of John McCains interview during the show.
Way to be fulla shit and THEN get busted John McCain lol.

anyway, on with the show!

lol this was great.


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