Uhmah Park

shall we?

nigga was watching i love the 80’s strike back… and they showed the smufs., BMG… take it from here!

BMG: yo i used to hate the fucken smurfs
BMG: i wanted gargemel to eat all them mafuckas
OJ: LMAO!!!!
BMG: lol word yo i used to hate that shit
OJ: dogg… honestly… who hates the smurfs?
OJ: what kinda nigga hates the smurfs dogg? lol
BMG: man i hated the smurfs when i was a kid

LMAO!!! this reminds me when errin called a nigga up talking about “lets smurf a party!”

this i love the 80’s shit is the guts…. and now… i shall commentate!

fucking Boy George is on here looking like a Gay Clown from 2394

Trimuph the comic insult Dog, is taking this show to the next level! “Rick James really knew how to treat the ladies. He would open the doors, and take off his hat………….. before burning her with his crack pipe…… ” LMAO! GUTTY SHIT!!!

Flava Flav is on this shit lookin …… man i dont know. lol id ont know what the fuck is up with that nigga there. But i do know that this nigga could give a flying FUCK about the censors lol.

ummm… i think imma get me a satin jacket tho lol. them shits was great lol.

i saw i love the 80’s… 89 ( im on 81 currently lol ) like last week… and this nigga carrot top had a nigga crying… they played that B-52 love shack video… and this muthafucka breaks out with “Whats the quickest way to break up a bingo game in afganistain? B… 52! ” i couldnt take it lmao i was no good.

YES! the fall guy was the SHIT! lol i dont remember about the show too much… but i used to watch that shit lol.

Benson… this nigga had the COLDEST insults ever! ah man…i wanna have cold insults like bensons. man.

lol ah man… why do they have corey feildmans punk ass on this fucking show?! ol sensitive ass… you would think after that one shit… the sureal life…. he should just post up with bin laden, saddam, and that cubs fan in the caves some where. lol now that i think about it… i nominate corey feildman and the cubs fan as the new residents of bolivion!

id like to take this moment to say that i like this show more than im suppose to because there is alot of cussing… and i can really get behind that shit there! the what the fuck moments are the guts! ketchup as a vegatable? gotdamn lol

i guess im done for now… i met edit this shit… my ass hurts… i been working all day… im bout to get up and do some push ups or pace or some shit.
it looks like im doing pretty good with the posting more often… no?


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