Uhmah Park

Working from home has is benifits…

i love the shit.

means you can ( sometimes ) run your errands during the day while most people are at work… no traffic and what not.

there are , however, drawbacks.

old people.

today… i went to the grociery store to pick up a few things… and oddly couldnt find good parking.


ok… so what… actually did come up on a cool spot… caught somebody pulling out.

anyway, i walk into the store… and i had to dodge a couple of old people. not really dodge but i had to walk around them… because they were taking thier time of course… these are the things that old people do. so i pick up that lil hand basket thing ( cant remember tha name for that shit ) and i look up… and i see a sea of old people… then of course i remembered why i DONT normally go out during the middle of the damn day.

the freaks come out at night… the old people come out in the mid morning / early afternoon.

sigh… man… so i think to my self… ahh hell muthafuckin naw ive been setup!!!!

OJ… how in the hell were you set up??

well… when i left the apt today… my sole intentions was to go see about my car… and my muthafuckin money. while im grabbin my shit to leave…. here comes syl…. hey…. can you go to the grociery store please? ( weve been outta some shit for a min… but we both are lazy and wont go shopping ) so im like… ehhh fuck… ok… its about 1100 or so. i take my ass to go see about my shit… then i hit the fuckin grociery store. and blam… soon as i see all these damn old people… i realize… ive been setup… because Syl HATES goin out in the middle of the day and having to dodge old people ( cuz you know they cant drive and dont see you when they be walkin ). shit… i dont like it either… but i was pissed off when i left… and i fuckin forgot… my dumb ass

so anyway… im in the store feelin like a big ol jack ass for being so easily setup. fuck it… im here i might as well get my shit and go… i peek over at the line… of course its long… and filled with old people… with every coupon that was printed in the last two weeks.


imma be here for a cool ass minute. so im walkin around, gathering tha shit i know we need. make it to the check out. notice that ALL of em are long… i only had like 8 items so i go to the 10 items or less…. even that shit was long as hell… with old people lined up… shiftin thru coupons n shit… and like 4 people have WAY more than 10 items. and wouldnt you know it… the OLDEST clerk they had was workin that shit… and i look down… they had like two more older people workin the lines… i wanted to just put my shit down and leave.

but lucky for me… there was a guy in the next line by him self… only thing was… he had a GANGA shit. due to my experince in checkout lines… i knew that he would be done sooner than 3 of the muhfuckas than the line i was in.

so… i got behind him in the check out line… was out in 5 min.

walked out the store… of course… this old ass lady didnt see me ready to cross the street… luckly i also have exprience with old people and cars… so i wasnt so quick to jump my ass into the street.

let this be a lesson to all of you… who may work from home… or have a day off… stay yo ass at home still the afternoon!!!

old people are worse than traffic!