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Lakers Live

i went to see the lakers play the cavs…. at staples.

it was pretty crackin… till fuckin kobe got hurt. shit sucked…

oh well… im going to the game again on saturday! it goes DOWN!

also today… i had cheese cake from jerrys deli. i was eating that shit and it felt like i was having sex for 20 min. fuck that shit was good. so so so good.

did i mentioned that im pretty fricken wasted?

woo shit.

man… the godfather 2 is on. this is pretty great… fredo just got the boot. im bout to post up on the couch.

One reply on “Lakers Live”

Man I was watching that game on TNT….and I was like, damn that nigga OJ is there…and I was jealous for a minute….then Kobe got hurt and i was like Nelson on the Simpsons…then the cold jokes about Kobe started flying….then again I guess I shouldn’t say anything since they beat the Hawks by 50!!! without Shaq….the Hizawks put a smackdown on the Spurs though…..

I hate cheesecake with a passion…I think I ate too much of it as a kid….

Godfather 2 is my favorite of the trilogy although I wil begrudgingly admit that the original is a BETTER movie as far as technical movie stuff goes….

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