Ku Klux K-9

Can a Dog Be Racist? – The case of the prejudiced pit bull. By Clara Jeffery

holy shit this illustration on this page really takes this artical to another level… i laughed pratically the whole time i was reading this shit!. ahh shit. the picture completes the murder, indeed. lol this shit is ha-muthafuckin-larious!

i need to create a new catorgy for this blogger called ” Gutty Links “… Every since i got MT and this conventient MT IT! link ( it doesnt work on mac but i nigga-rigded it ) i can instantly post anything gutty i see with a link.l

this has a UC Rating of about 80. because initally its fuckin halarious… racist doggs lol gutty shit… even tho ive heard about it… but damn lol the picture fuckin killed it!!!