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Ku Klux K-9

Can a Dog Be Racist? РThe case of the prejudiced pit bull. By Clara Jeffery

holy shit this illustration on this page really takes this artical to another level… i laughed pratically the whole time i was reading this shit!. ahh shit. the picture completes the murder, indeed. lol this shit is ha-muthafuckin-larious!

i need to create a new catorgy for this blogger called ” Gutty Links “… Every since i got MT and this conventient MT IT! link ( it doesnt work on mac but i nigga-rigded it ) i can instantly post anything gutty i see with a link.l

this has a UC Rating of about 80. because initally its fuckin halarious… racist doggs lol gutty shit… even tho ive heard about it… but damn lol the picture fuckin killed it!!!

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Could Be. No telling these days you have undercover racist out here in the world and they are always up to no good it’s in their Blood and that’s how they think. They’ll smile in yo face and be cheerful to the normal eye, But when they get behind closed doors all hell breaks loose Dr.Jekly Mr hyde Them niggers this them beaners that those gooks here. From the words of public Enemy Can’t Trust it. And no person of color should it’s there heritage look at the history of the white race. If a child hears or see’s what there parents see or do there dogs will do it to. Remember the dogs would hunt down the runaway slaves for there masters. And then you have your overseer. But that’s another Story.

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