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Kris Kross

i dont know if i have posted this before…
but this shit is the guts.

apprantly… there are some people that seem to think, crosseyedness is contagious. how? im not gonna even say shit…

JD : nigga do cross eyed people make you feel cross eyed?
OJ : oh no
OJ : … no nigga lol
JD : oh
JD : must be me
OJ : why was this other female trippin on me about crosseyed people…
JD : what you mean
OJ : lol nigga… she was askin me about cross eyed people one day…
OJ : shit was tha guts… similar questions like that lol
OJ : shit is tha guts lol
JD : lol
OJ : well nigga lol
OJ : its just not you lol
OJ : Kkarma : i know what he means though
OJ : terrible
Kkarma : like when you see someone with food in their teeth you start secretly running your tongue over your teeth cuz it makes you feel like you have food on YOUR teeth
JD : yea
OJ : this is the muhfucka that was trippin about people being cross eyed… she think she is cross eyed soemtime….
JD : and i always wipe my nose if i see somebody with a boogie monster, then i tell them
OJ : nigga… her biggest fear is the fear of going cross eyed
JD : lol
OJ : well everybody does that….
OJ : but you dont check the mirror to see if youre cross eyed then tell somebody they look like the cookie monster
JD : I guess i just know when i see somebody cross eyed
JD : sometimes it feels like my eyes start doing funny shit
OJ : LMAO!!!
OJ : WHAT?!?! L

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rotflmao @ crosseyed ppl is contagious, well i know of several ppl that are crossed eyed especially when one eye is crossed more than the other, i can’t look at them when i talk because i don’t know if they’re talking to me or the next person *lol*

for like grades 1-6 there was at least one cross-eyed person in a class I had. And just yesterday at Suncoast this cross-eyed nigga was helpin me, pickin up the wrong videos n shit…

here’s my question… have you ever seen a cross-eyed white person?


Nigga….my biggest thing is like when they come up and start talking….and there is a awkward ass silence for like 5 seconds and then they be like, “I’m talking to you….” and then more silence…and then they finally point to whoever they are talking to….

It’s like, a muthafucka should KNOW they are crosseyed and do us a favor and either POINT to or ANNOUNCE the name of the person they are talking to!

lol. I was listening to the Doug Banks show yesterday & Ricky Smiley was doing one of his church lady impersonations. He was telling the difference between Cock-eyed and cross-eyed. I was driving to work dying of laughter. I know people were looking at me like, “What the hell is wrong with her.” According to one of the character’s Ricky portrayed, the church was having a “cock-eyed members fellowship.” I swear I don’t think I’ve ever laughed so hard in my life.

Also according to Ricky, the difference between a cockeyed and cross eyed, is that one eye of a cock-eyed persons goes east-west and the other eye goes north-south. LOL!!

Cross eyed people make you cross eyed? *raises eyebrow* Man I have a friend with one eye, so you know that I have to deal with cross eyed folk. I don’t think I find my eyes crossing, I just sometimes wonder if she’s talking to me or someone else since she’s looking every which way…*lol* Yah I’m ‘cold blooded’ like you love to call me, but hey that’s how cynics are right? *lol* Anyways…you got me crackin’ up as usual…HI CALVIN! (yes its coley cole durrh) You guys never talk to me no more…but its cool I still love ya’s! 😉

OMG….. *dead*… im at work laughing all loud and shit… lol and Cal didnt make it any better….oh yeah and i caught I love the 80s strike back the last 2 nights….wtf IS up with Flava Flav and Boy George…they indeed looked like some pure grade A shit….

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