Uhmah Park

One day I was suffering the net, years ago. When people still thought it was cool to put a mp3 player on their website and have it automatically load, like maybe you didnt have your own music playing while you surfing (cruising) the internet.

I was clicking around, link to link, site to site. Then I landed on some random site; I dont remember the name at all. But I do remember King Tubbys Badness Dub started to play. I had never heard it before; and at the time I really didnt enjoy slower reggae music. I had never heard reggae dub before, ever.

I was REALLY blowed, and when this song started to play, I instantly felt it. It was like it was speaking to how blowed I was. Ive been a fan of reggae dub music every since. This song got me to digging most forms of reggae. for years I could only mess with dance hall. I LOVE dance hall, by the way.

Thank you for making such awesome music King Tubby. Which is an awesome name by the way.