Uhmah Park

OK, i havent been posting lately… because my fucking hand HURTS. only when i grip my mouse tho. I have the same feeling as your ass feels when you been sitting on the ground too long. but yea… its only when i grip the mouse.
Anyway… i have a story to tell.

The year… was 1980 something. It had to be aroud 87, 88 because i was still living in SouthCentral. My family and I were at the beach, enjoying another sunny Californian day, doing the family picnic thing that everybody does at the beach. A young OJ had been playing in the water for a cool minute and thought to his self, “say…. i could really go for a snack!” So he retreats back to the family temporary beach real estate and claims himself a hand full of yummy ass Oreo Cookies! YUM!!With an ear to ear grin, he turns around and starts to head back to the water. Before he could take two steps his watchful Mother stops him in his tracks! “OJ, if you eat you have to wait 30 minutes before you get back in the water” she explains.
“Really? ok mommy!” Young OJ replies, but what the lil nigga was really thinking was, ” FUCK!! Sigh… oh well these shits is GOOD! ”
A real quick background on OJ if you will… i was born in 1979, im 24 now ( 25 in may ) if this story took place in 87, 88 i was either 6, 7 or 8. And YES i was cussin back then. Of course it was a secert lol but yea… ive always had a foul ass mouth. But back to our story!
Obeying his Mother, but stradling the line of obedance, OJ makes his way back to the water. Little hands full of Oreo Cookies, he stops at the shore line to… well… just kick it. Enjoy the water if you will. Standing around, with his Oreos letting the waves die out at his feet. All of a sudden, young OJ thinks to him self, “lets follow the wave as it retreats”. And the next time the waves die out at lil OJ’s feet, he does just that. As he walks out following the wave, lets explore the pyscie of a young ghetto youth, “No harm in following the waves out from which they came right? i mean… i wasnt IN the water… i was just following the water. my mom should trip on that… im not in the water… just like she said. No harm there! Cool!”
So OJ is following the water, still following, still following….. still following. And notices he has been walking for a cool minute, but there isnt any damn water, just sand! It was wet sand, but the real point here is, Where is the water?!?! And that is exactly what OJ was thinking to his self. But after while, he says fuck it, turns around and heads back to shore. With about four Oreos left in his hand and dry land in sight. All of a fucking sudden, out of no muthafuckin where, The Wave Of Certain Doom, BLINDSIDES Young defenseless ass OJ in the back with Extreme Ruthless Aggression! Upon impact the remainding Oreos in OJ hands, shot out. Doing several sumersaults into the ocean. OJ yells out in pain, but is quickly drowned out by the water that has fuckin lured him into a watery okie doek! Rendering him absolutely helpless and at the mercy of the waves. Thank goodness the waves did grant Young OJ mercy and gently droped him back off at the shore. Where he laid, face down… in lots of pain momentarly. But thankfully, still in one peice and here to tell the story to you all today. A Young, embrassed as fuck ass OJ picked his self up, slightly disoriented, thinking to himself… ” oh my back! my back! what in the fuck just happen?”. Leaving his pride right there on the coast line and with his ass hanging out because the wave fucked his whole world up and yanked his shorts down. Poor Young OJ, victimized by the Wave of Certain Doom, whimpered back to his mothers side. Waited his 30 min., on dry fucking land. And went back to the water after that… but never turned his back on the sea again.

Till this day… an adult OJ thinks about that incident every time he picks up an Oreo Cookie.

The End.



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