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Killer Mike feat T.I. – Ready Set GO!

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So yea, you can catch me in the valley or greater Los Angeles area banging this shit loud as fuck. This was on the T.I. Fuck A Mix tape… Mixtape…… right. This is my shit. Ive been bumpin this since it came out, it as an instant favorite. I just happen to see the video posted to earlier today. I was alright a light weight TI fan. But my last trip to Atlanta made me a full TI fan. When that mans last album came out, thats all niggas was playing out there for like 2 years lol. Anyway Doe…. You might be asking how a Killer Mike track was on TI’s mixtape. I have no clue. But after this shit was over, I wasnt askin questions. Shits bangin!! I fucks with the video too.
A link to the song can be found on at the link.

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