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Kanye West – Late

This IS my favorite @KanyeWest song, ever. Still to this day! Do you know why? Because this is some Gemini ass shit. I know so many Gemini’s who are often late; and dont give a SHIT. We all do it. We all think there should be a special exception made for us. Fuck everybody else who is late though LOL. It just is what it is. Not only the lateness, but everything this man covered in the song. Every time I hear this song, Im reminded of one of my Gemini mates and how they get down… or me. lol

I went to Jr. High wit all of them, and they been slow!

LOL!!! Currently, I have a hair cut apointment at 12 noon and its 11:39… and I still have to iron. Ill get there though. Its all good.

One of the reasons I go so hard on the whole gemini thing, is because we get SUCH a bad wrap. Yet we are usually adored by the same people who speak bad on us. Which is ironic to me, seeing how we are called two faced SO MUCH; or something else that, if it isnt negative, its just not good all together lol.
BUT! The same people who say these things, to your FACE, will say “well except for you” or to the effect of “Geminis are bad news, I dont know why I deal with you. Ill never do another gemini again… But I love YOU though.”  Which Ive always thought was fucked up lol. Also, every person Ive ever heard say that, I REALLY believe they dont really like me all that much lol.

People think we are two faced or something else that has basically means, one min we are cool, the next we are trippin. Let me explain why this is. Gemini’s are VERY EMOTIONAL. We can not help it. Every Gemini I know is super emotional. We all hate it, you have no idea. It fucking sucks. Sometimes we end up embarass our selves, sometimes we show our ass, sometimes its some big ugly outburst of anger, its wack.
Yes one minute we will be all fun and charismatic and all the other traits that people love us for. But then, something will happen. We will get a fucked up text, or see something or think of something that reminds us of some one special; then thats it, or mood is shot STRAIGHT out the air and we are in our feelings. Sad, mad, something. Some times for days. Its the wackest shit lol. If there was anything bad about being a Gemini. This is it.

So we are emotional. Emotional and kind of sensitive. Which also is kind of wack lol. I take sooo much sooo serious. Its a serious pain in the ass. But I cant help it, as much as I try lol. Im getting better, but its and effort lol.
Theres no need to walk on egg shells around us or treat us like some delicate flower. Everybody has their issues, we certainly have ours. Just know where we might be coming from sometimes and the issues that affect us from time to time and your Gemini experience will be one you cant help but LOVE! Like you probably already do, but dont want to admit.

Its Gemini Season. The best time of year!

Shout out to @DrKillaCal its his birthday today. Women, send him a titty picture or something! He will appreciate it! I promise!

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Nigga…ALL of this! Like, mfers be like, “You’re so mean.” ::3monthslater:: “You know, you really are a nice guy, why do you act so angry all the time?” CAUSE I AM FUCKING ANGRY! Did you see that shit that just happen?! Like, for me, for Geminis on the whole, we can’t understand how mfers DON’T react more harsh or more emotional to some shit. HTF do you think that’s ok? What’s wrong with me? No, what’s wrong with YOU! And you right, I get hella bored with mfers. And I have no patience, like, whatsoever, which is bad in my profession, but fuck it, niggas need to keep up. I can’t slow down to your pace. Not at all. Sigh…man…u spoke fact here. This is cold facts.

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