Uhmah Park


Its a design i thought of, last summer… when i took this picture lol. Finally i got time to do something to this shit. and hopefully i will write on the shit more.

ALOT has gone the fuck on. lol

ill tell ya all about it, kinda sorta a lil bit.

but for now, this site is a work in progress. im trying to get over my perfection aspirations. what better place than here?
Although, it would be nice if this muthafucka would fucking validate. but whatever, it might one day. ill work on it. maybe, that shit aint super important to a nigga, fuck it.
Anyway… So im not done, i dont think. and hopefully i wont get lazy and stop trying to tweak this shit until my hearts content.

I think next up is some kinda gallery incorporation or something along those lines.

As for the design. I think this is my favorite of all the ones ive ever done. And not just because My Baby is actually pictured up there. With her FINE ASS. MMMM!!! ( thats right… surprise, i have a girlfriend now). I think this is my favorite so far because i LOVE the summer. Its my favorite time of year. And i also love the fuckin beach. The sand in the ass is a bit of a buzz kill, but whatever.
On second thought though, maybe i do have a bit of favoritism. On the day / weekend / i took this picture, Resha and I had a nice chill day on the beach, and the day before she made one of my dreams come true ( as retarded as it was / is lol ) of riding bikes down the beach. Ive lived in LA all my life, ive been going to the beach all my life. Never have i rolled my bike down the road way they have up and down the beach. Until Resha and I rented bikes and took a roll. It was super fuckin great, ill never forget it.
I cant put into words why that shit was so damn great, but it was, ive always wanted to do that shit. And i got to do it with my BabyGirl. Awwww lol.

Shout out to my cousin John and his family, as they welcome a new little boy into the family. Congrats sir! Im still going to kick your ass in fantasy football. Good thing your son will be too young to remember the trashing. Hopefully you have given up by the time you can see the repeated shame grace his young face when he realizes that his daddy is taking ass kickings from uncle Omey repeatedly lol. ‘

But for now… me hungry. must have food n shit.

More To Come! ( like from the Johnny Carson Show… remember that?)