Uhmah Park

You know what Tampico is? The Ghettos Favorite Nutritious drink. Which explains alot. But im not gonna front, the shit is kinda good when you have no other options. Or if youre just ghetto like that and dont get to have it all the time because you know better. But when you do get to have some Tampico, because there aint no better option, shits kinda good.

Although it gives you HELLA FLEM! shits gross. but we drink it anyway lol.

And then you have the other shit that comes in all kinds of colors. The shit that just says JUICE on it n shit, or DRINK. No real name or anything, just "Tropical Juice" Do you know what that shit is?

Pop-cycle Juice!

Thats exactly what it is.

Its pop-cycles that have been either melted down, or they freeze half, and bottle the other half. And tah-dah. Two different products! Damn. I mean, hell, id probably do the same thing if i could to be completely honest. Anybody that wouldnt is a fucking idiot.

Ive told a few people about these thoughts, and they knew it to be the truth instantly!  And im betting who ever reads this will too!


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