Uhmah Park

Juaves Revenge is the name of my fantasy football team. And one day, I was going through some things. I was kinda blowed. I came across this elephant skull, then I had the idea to do this shit here.

And since apparently Im the worst person there ever was on the face of the fucking planet ever in some peoples eyes out this muthafucka, Ive had a bit more time on my hands. And Ive been working on this slowly and finished it sunday while I watched football and, smoked a blunt (or two).

Anyway, last year… I made my triumphant return to fantasy football. Ive been running a league on yahoo for a few years, I won a couple of championships in a couple of legues, but two years ago I retired because I really didnt have time and I wasnt all that interested for whatever reason.
But last year, I made my triumphant return like I said before and like every year Ive played fantasy football My team was named the Uhmah Park Pachyderms. Yes, after this lovely place you see before you here. lol
Last year, my team was stacked, I even had LT n shit. Yes, as in last year when he went nuts! Everything was going great, till about week three. Then some how, out of no where, the fucking Yahoo account that Ive had for years gets hacked. MIND you this is the second yahoo account of mine Ive gotten hacked. You wont believe how mad a nigga was. I cant help it, Im hella competitive. Sigh, so I couldnt log in and change up my line up, make trades or anything. I tell my friends that im in the league with (I was just in one last year) that my shit got hacked or whatever. These niggas is like damn, sorry to hear that yap yap yap. Some weeks pass by and then one of the homies is telling me how niggas are practically jumping over my dead corpse in circles. Like hey nigga we are whooping your ass. These niggas even went as far as to talk shit that I wouldnt even see. Knowing a nigga was gonna copy and paste the shit to a nigga. So they did it in essence, just to fuck with me. Niggas aint shit, I swear.

So now this year… Im out for revenge. Which is why there is a bloody elephant skull plastered on this bitch. My Pach was ruthlessly slaughtered by my janky ass friends with out mercy. And then they laughed about it while I was all super defenseless n shit. Bastards!
For those who arent knowing “Retaliation, Revenge and Get Back” was the name of Daz first solo album. That shit was bangin. Ive always loved the title. Seem perfect for the occasion if I do say so myself. Of course youll notice I put the words in the order I felt like.

All them niggas got this shit here in they mail box the other day lol.


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