Uhmah Park

Today John Edwards admitted he was fucking around on his wife, around 1996 or so. Apparently his wife and his family knew about it, and they had resolved the issue a long time ago. But he has been lying about the shit since 2007. His bad. lol But good ol John is defending his baby daddy status to Rielle Hunter’s baby. He has even volunteered to go on Mauray and put this all to rest.

After his announcement, some how he left his ipod behind, and come to find out John Edwards is a big Rick Ross fan. How bout that? In past interviews Edwards has said that he did identify with the Miami Rapper. When asked how he identified to a fat Black muthafucka who raps about drugs and bitches. Edwards simply answers “I just can.” He goes on to explain in that famous southern drawl. “well you know, he does alot of community events you know. There is just something i hear in his voice that tells me, he’s my kinda guy!”

Whic Rick Ross tracks are Edwards favorites?

“Cross that line”, “For da Low” , “Get Away” ,“This Is The Life” , “This Me” , “Here I am”, and of course “Im Only Human”. Now if I can borrow a line from another lying muthafucka… John McCain lol. “Ill let the Amercian people decide, Good Day.”