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Jay Z will never be Tupac or Biggie.

im not taking anything away from jay. but he will never be a tupac or biggie… his tracks are dope. but this man shows no emotion really. and his flow is awkward at times. Pac and Big showed plently emotion of all of thier tracks, they brought you into thier mind states and thought process so you could either feel thier pain or understand thier perspective. Jay seem more like he is providing an explanation sometimes. and his flow just aint as smooth. probably because he slowed his flow up.

anyway… im just sittin here thinkin about retarded shit.

The Uhmenhiem has been updated… a few times! lol

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Man you need to hold a press conference and say this…niggas INSIST on giving Jay the crown….but he’s never ONCE talked about anything socially relevant (as Pac is known to do) or been as good a story teller as Big (although Friend or Foe was good)….

He’s like Don Mattingly was….the best Yankee in an era where being a Yank wasn’t shit….

Now I’m going to look at some pictures….

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