Uhmah Park

Well, it was a nice run….

As long as ive been smoking… i havent bought a lighter to smoke for years. Until sometime earlier this year. But for all those years before, i would always some how some way come up on somebodies lighter, i had a bunch of lighters and i hadnt paid for not one. I had stolen each and every last one of them. And i had a collection of lighters that ive jacked from other niggas over the years.
But, like i said… everything changed earlier this year… or could have been late last year, i actually bought a lighter to smoke. And since it was my first lighter, i thought to my self. i better make it one that will stand out and be kinda dope… but still just a cheap lighter at the same time. so i get me a bic with a werid rubber grip n shit. and i kept that shit for months.
Then, recently… my cousin JD ( of Chronic-ils fame ) jacked ME for my fuckin lighter!! son of a bitch!! and i really didnt even realize that it was gone, until he told me that he had it. i guess it was sweet revenge for all the lighters that ive stolen from other people. But like i said, it was a nice run. and im not too worried about karma, because i am a vet in the lighter jacking world. so it would be pretty hard to get my lighter. Mainly because i know all the tricks.

The easiest way to get somebodies lighter is when everybody is standing around smokin… passin around a blunt or a joint or a bong or whatever. let the blunt go on when it get to you…. or just front like you gotta light it again, and ask for the lighter. Blam, youre now the last one with the lighter. Now you have that shit in your hand, but you dont pocket it immediately. you keep it in your hand for a second.. when you got to pass the blunt, then you slip it in your pocket. Everybody is blowed so, the lighter is forgotten about safely tucked away in your pocket. Now belonging to you! hooray for you.

in the same scenario. if for some reason the lighter manages to leave your possession. what you do then is try to hit the roach. roaches ALWAYS go out. "Let me see that lighter…" blam. Lighter is once again in your possession. the thing that sucks about this tho, is you now have to burn the tips of your fingers at the sake of purposely and maliciously stealing some one elses lighter. so you are kinda getting what you deserve. You janky muthafucka!
its all good tho, you done came up on a lighter… blam.

in the case of a bong… you gotta do something similar… try to smoke the ash. or just be the last one to hit it some how. Blam, lighter is in your hand again. keep it in your hand for a little while… then let it make a trip to your pocket on a sudden movement. like getting up from sitting down… or walking away from a group… or sitting down. something like that.

Doing shit this way… it will always look like you came up on the lighter by accident. and if by chance the owner of the lighter ask for they shit. you immediately dive in your pockets and give up they lighter. because again… you dont wanna seem janky. and lie n shit. just go out lookin honest. youll live to jack another day.

Never ever pick up a lighter that is just laying there. because if somebody sees then it looks like it was on purpose. and now youre known as a lighter theif and you will never be trusted with the lighter again. every time you ask for it, muthafuckas will be hawkin you… waiting for you to be janky. and you dont want that. so you gotta pass on those.

If you got a lighter on you. be the last option for the lighter. never smoke with your own lighter. even if youre smoking by your self. Ask for somebody elses if you can. or if youre gotta spark the blunt. ask for somebody elses lighter to start it… and try to end up with the roach, so nobody else needs the lighter back. blam, you now have two lighters on you, and an excuse if somebody accuses you of trying to keep the lighter. "i got my own lighter, what i need yours for?" usually that works, unless somebody is being a hard ass.

at your house… never really have your jacked lighters out in the open. because if one of your victims happens to come over your house, they might recognize it, and then you will have to explain your self. not good. also, dont have some lighters out, and your jacked lighters in a stash pile some where hidden. because if by chance some one that youve more than likely stolen a lighter from, sees that you have a stash of lighters. and they happen to remember they have been got for a few lighters over the weeks or months. they are going to make a big fuss lol. lets just say that. youll have to answer for your crimes. also not good. so keep your lighters on the bottom of something thats almost in public view. blam… its just in the pile. if somebody does spot they shit, you can act like you didnt do it on purpose. blam, innocent!

Thats it for the most part.
Now you too can jack people for their lighters like the asshole you are.

Ill admit though, at first, i really didnt notice that i was stealing niggas lighters. it just kinda happen. i always ended up with the lighter last, everybody was blowed, so it was forgot about. what are you gonna do? so over time also came to realize, that i hadnt paid for any of the lighters. and i was pretty shocked at the amount of lighters that i had. so then, i figured… well hey, i want to see how long i can keep this up. and how many lighters can i get. The answer? alot. years worth lol. i only had to buy a lighter because i didnt have one when i needed one, and i wasnt at home where my stash was. so yea, it was a good run. but now its over, and i was busted by somebody, i cant remember who right now. Because they found out some how that i had never bought a lighter and always hand lighters, so that meant that i stole them all. and they long trail was put together until the truth was reveled, i was out for niggas lighters lol. So my run is some what over, ive still managed to come up on lighters but not like i used to. but its all good, you cant steal niggas lighters forever.

My next lession… Jack Moves: Lighter Jacking 201: Lying! ( "naw thats not your lighter.. " )

Lastly, the INS is back all over again… GET UP ON IT!!


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