Uhmah Park

I LOVE THIS SHIT!!! Soon as I heard it on this Heineken Commercial, I had to hear the full version! I dont understand a gotdamn thing this man is saying or singing about. But judging from the video its some extra groovy super live shit! How can you not dance like some kinda asshole when thit shit comes on?! They certainly did in the Heineken Commercial! That was extra great by the way!

I wish I could find a bunch of other shit just like this! This is like Punjab Swing Music or something. I love it!

If you want to know more about whatever the fuck this is like I did, there is a wikipedia page lol: Jaan Pehechaan Ho


My girl says I can find any song ever made, ever. The homie Lemmy (id link his twitter name, but he always changes it lol) came across it some how. I cant say I tried too hard to find it. But I found out what it was, some how some way. Thats usually how it works lol.


OK, so… While typing this post out, I decided to do a couple of searches. Apparently this song was recorded by a man named Mohammad Rafi. I did a brief search o n youtube to hear more of his music, I havent found anything as live as Jaan Pehechaan Ho, but he still makes great music. … do I understand what he is saying? NOOOPE! But I cant really say I care. It sounds good. lol I love old music like this. Its probably why I liked Beat Konducta Vol. 4: Beat Konducta In India (and 3) so much.


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