Uhmah Park

i been sittin here feeeening for some fuckin sugar for about 3 hours now… until i broke down and had to take it back to when i was little. And made me a Cinnimon and Sugar and Butter Toast.
i have no clue what the offical name for this super ghetto snack is called. but that shit is fuckin DELISIOUS.

how do you make it?

get you some bread…
a gas stove lol
but that muhfucka on broil…
get you a butter knife… or in the case of my lazy black ass who didnt feel like taking those hot two steps over to the dish water…. get a muthafuckin spoon… get out your butter ( margerine is nasty… but if it cracks for you… then hey. ) make sure that shit is soft… spread the soft butter over the bread hella thick… because its the ghetto snack attack hour, and us ghetto children always over fuckin do it! take you some ground cinnimon sprinkle that shit on evenly. Keep in mind that too much cinnimon is nasty as hell. then… break out your sugar… grab that spoon you used for the butter… scoop a heap of that shit and sprinkle that shit on the top. of course… i did it hella thick… because its the ghetto snack attack hour… and us ghetto children love us some muthafuckin sugar…
next… get yo ass a pan slide the bread in that muthafucka… and put it at the bottom of your oven or whereever your oven broils shit… and kick it… dont go no where or your shit will fuckin burn and possibly catch the fuck fire. when you start to smell that shit real good… its done! brown / burn that shit to taste… pull it out… put that shit on a paper towel… because yo mamma would get pissed if you dirtyed up a plate just for some gotdamn toast ( or at least my moms used to when i was little lol… so im trained lol ). Wait for that shit to cool the hell off… because honestly… if you eat that shit when its still hot… the sugar is melted down and is starting to crystalize… that shit is practically NAPALM when its hot… and it WILL stick to your tounge and various other places in your mouth if you eat it before it cooled down and got hard… trust me… i fuckin know!
next… ENJOY!

im so fuckin hyper right now i dont know what to do with my self!!!!!
i wanna fuckin bang on a pot or some shit!!!
every since i finished them shits i been singin james brown’s Static feat full force! i used to love that shit… STATIC… NO… STATIC… NO… DONT NEED NO STATIC.. NO… DONT START NONE… WONT BE NONE…
that nigga james brown mumbled his ASS off over the rest of the song. i be groovin to this shit none the less…

YELL LOUDER THAN A SUMBITCH! ( wendell is the guts for this shit )


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