Uhmah Park

Just as I post about how people think I smoke too much, and I really dont. Turns out later on, I had a pretty blowed thought. I was rollin me a blunt of LA Confidential ( one of my favs… mmmm) , and I dropped a nugget on the floor as I was breakin it up. Then as I go to retrieve said nug, I noticed an even bigger nugget of some shit I must have dropped at some other point, because this nugget was purple as hell. I dont remember dropping that shit though! But gotdamn was I happy to find it!
lol click it...

So as I sat and watched Frisky Dingo and smoked this blunt of greatness. I had a thought. What if there were little monsters that lived under my desk and smoked up all the weed Ive dropped over the years. Because Im sure Ive dropped plenty, but I rarely ever fucking find it. I dropped a quarter of a joint some where around here one day, and that muthafucka has fucking disappeared. So did this really great pipe I used to have. Shits gone. I hardly ever find weed on the floor, but I know Ive dropped a bunch! It makes no sense. So maybe there are some little monsters that scoop up all the herb I drop and smoke that shit when I leave. Its not like I’d notice somebody had been smoking in here. Because it usually smells like weed in here… or those Method joints from target. Them shits are great.
But now that I think about it… If they started smoking when I was smoking, I wouldnt notice then either, and would explain me never really finding any weed on the floor.
Well, its either that or maybe the fact that I pay niggas to come through and clean my house bi-weekly. And I know they dont smoke lol. That shit probably just get vacummed up. Which is kind of fucking heart breaking at the moment. sigh. damn.

Id honestly rather there be little monsters that live under my couch and under my desk that smoke up all my dropped weed rather all that bomb get thrown away with the other bullshit thats on my floor lol.