Uhmah Park

Well… HATE is clealry too strong of a word if you read the article I read on switched.com. Which links an article from a Seattle news paper. Which shows a email wrote by aBillie Himself, where he goes on and on and on about how windows is a super pain in the ass basically. Its great.

Sadly though, probably just like Bill. I stil prefer Windows over a Mac. I just do. Macs move too slow for me. Sorry. And no im not talking about the processor speed. I used a mac for 2 years. I have the right to talk shit. And I have 3 macs in my house. So i STILL have the right to talk shit lol.

The articles are kind of interesting, I didnt get a chance to read the longer article all the way through, but it looks like Bill is a bit of a gangster b lol.