Uhmah Park

im sorry… but that there is the phrase that pays.

its some real shit. its some simple shit… but its some real shit. reguardless of the source and what you may think about that niggas flows ( im talkin about mike jones for the muthafuckas that been under a rock for however long… thank you for joining us, you slow muthafuckas. )

you can think that nigga dumb or whatever the fuck. but you cant despute thats some real shit.

anyway… i say that because i havent been posting on this muthafucka lately. surprise surpise lol. but thats only because a nigga has been working his ASS off. and im STILL busy. busy as the fuck. i stay busy. i have so many personal projects i wanna do, but i cant do them because a nigga is working all the time. 15 hour days n shit.

its ok… by the end of the summer and the end of the year… it will all hopefully pay off…

anyway… speaking of mike jones.

i have a new phrase of my own… recently… lol … every time ive been astonished or shocked i been yellin out “mikejooooones!!!” lol i dont know how it started. i think i was real high or real drunk one day… and instead of saying DAAAAAAMN! i said “mikejones!!”

shit was the guts. try it… youll laugh. and if you dont. youre wack lol.

and while we are on the subject still… of the latest thing out of the south…

back then is The Vapors – 2005.

lol every time i hear that shit, i think of a few of the girls i went to highschool with that ive seen after highschool.



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