Uhmah Park

i know im lazy… i care… but then again. im too lazy to care. it would take too much work. i try to work on it. and i am. but i get lazy and say fuck it.

if blinking wasnt an involentary function, id have dry eye problems for sure lol.

im pretty sure its a crime some where some how to be this lazy. probably in jamacia where niggas got lik 7 jobs n shit.

anyway lol.

Max got his domain back, and for black history month, he has been doing reviews of black movies. he also has had the occasational guest spot.

i was also featured on the site, i did a review of the movie Hoodlum, one of my favorite movies of all times.

this nigg max told me my shit was due on the 17th… a nigga like me went and rented the movie and watched it the night before lol. finished that shit at like 3 in the morning and emailed it in like it was that hot home work assignment lol.

anyway… you can see it at:


copy and paste niggas… im too lazy to link it up.



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