Guttie Shit

Is Wayne Brady gonna have to take it to the bridge on a bitch?!

YES!!! HE IS!!!!!!

Every Little Step with Mike Tyson & Wayne Brady from Mike Tyson

This is the greatest most random shit the internet has seen in a while!!! Bobby Brown even showed his ass up! This is the most shared video on facebook ive ever seen. Mike Tyson makes this video everything it can be and more. This nigga pulled off the most pathetic running man ive ever seen lol. Im really wondering who the third is though lol. That man didnt even get a solo.
For whatever reason, Im starting to believe that Bobby Browns gap is getting wider lol but I could be trippin lol.

Right when the video started and I saw Mike Tyson, I wondered if Wanye Brady would have to shoot Mike Tyson a WTF look. His running man didnt do it. But the wavey moonwalk at 2:45 did it lol. This shit is great. This video needs to be on some all time list of great shit. Well I suppose me putting it on my site would be a start. So there.

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