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Is That A Team Or A Gang

So I went to this place called Hennries for lunch today. And on my way out, this tall old white guy caught the back of my shirt and asked me: “so whats the vultures? Is it a gang or a team?” Trying super hard to supress my laugh, I explained to him that it was just a shirt. And that I got it from the homies shop, Primitive on Ventura Blvd.

I like this shirt. These fools need to really start up some kinda motercyle gang. Or we were thinking about starting a scooter gang with the homie Brett (he has a scooter and was in a scooter gang movie)

I think the scooter gang would be a little bit better and definitely more random.

Picture it, a bunch of grown muthafuckas on scooters rolling down the street 30 mph, too cool for school ‘n shit lol
We might have to do that lol

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dont they have big scooters? that shit would be dope…. everybody could have different colors with the vulture on the front or back or something. that shit would be live.

They do have bigger sizes, but nothing that would be big enough for you. The bigger they get, the more they start looking like ugly goldwing motorcycles. I’ll let you ride my scooter soon and you can see how you like it.

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