Uhmah Park

Is it wrong of me to think that 90% of old white people were (and probably really still are) racist. Because that was the order of things back when they was coming up. It was ok to be openly racist. Damn near every white person in america said Nigger when ever they wanted to and wasnt nearly trying to be scared of getting they ass whooped.
So i was thinking, if it was like this back in the day… racist people dont all of a sudden become tolerant every day. But im a reasonable guy… Ill say over the years…. 8 to 10 percent of white people that was the 90% before, had a change of heart and up’d there tolerance and understanding of other races and cultures and what have you. But at best that still leaves ( as far as im concerned ) 80% of the older white population of america to be some racist bastards.

So, because this was the way of things back in the day. And logically speaking, if most white people were racist back in the day, then they are still just as racist today. So is it wrong of me to live under the assumption that most older white people are racist, and treat them as such. Im not saying i go around being a dick to old white people. I hold doors open for old women, even white old women just the same as i would any where else. Its just that when I hold that door open for those old white ladies, I see what she does as she walks past, and depending on her behavior. You can tell how racist she is or isnt. For instance. If a white lady isnt racist, she will say Thank You a certain way. She will look you in your face for one. And she will be as delightful as she can possibly be at that moment. She aint gotta be super cheesy. But just barely a smile and a look in the eye counts. I dont know if im describing it right, but trust me, you can just tell. But other than that… if they dont do something along them lines, then there is a good chance that she’s racist. And let me tell you this… I rarely get a smile and a look in the eye, and thats real.

But like I said, i dont go around picking on old white people. I just believe that at least 90% of them are racist. Nothing wrong with that. Is it?

Actually you know what? So what if it is… i dont fucking care. Ill just be wrong then. fuck it.


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