Instruct Me How To Douglass

I made this for negro twitter… There was another graphic like this, that featured some white guy who I didnt bother to find out who he was. Im sure he name was something about a douglas.
But I thought to myself… If I dont know who the fuck this is, there has to be alot of other niggas that dont either.
So I figured Id make something that was more relevant to Negro twitter lol .

Yes, with 2 S’s. Gotta keep it historically accurate for the smart asses lol. Plus with hair like that… you can put an extra S on your name. The extra S is for all the Extra SWAG he was letting lose on niggas back in the day lmao.

I love the look on this mans face. Its like he is keeping an eye on all the white people around thats taking the picture. LOL. Niggas havent been smiling in pictures since them shits were invented lmao.