Uhmah Park

This picture was taken probably in 1999 or 2000. By who? Psh, Could have been alot of people. Maybe John, judging on the height of the photo, or it could have been RJ. Who knows.

I remember so much about the things in this picture. This is basically the house I did all of my growing up in. You might be asking your self, ummm OJ, why are there no doors on the cabinets? Well, sigh. My parents (my mom) decided that they were going to refinish the cabinet doors. Why had gotten tile in the kitchen and they (mom forcing my dad) watched hella hgtv, bob villa n shit. They was convinced they could refinished the cabinets. Did that shit ever happen. Well… I’ve been through alot of my old pictures lately, and all the ones in the kitchen…. whatever. Anyway.

This picture is taking me back. I learned how to cook in this kitchen. I’ve gotten my ass beat in this kitchen lol. Alot lol. I’ve slaved cleaning this fucking kitchen up. On my hands and knees cleaning the tile. That shit was wack. I’ve had sex in this kitchen lol. I’ve had one of the most SURREAL moments ever in my life RIGHT there in that spot, damn near in that same position. lol. John and RJ know what I’m talking about lol. That moment damn near changed my life. I had to start looking at my self differently after that shit. I am NOT bullshiting lol. Another story another time though lol.

I was 20 in this picture. Myabe 19. I was just out of “college” in this picture more than likely. lol I feel like I still look the same. Probably a little better groomed though lol. That watch I have on, its a Kenneth Cole watch, it has a black face. I thought it was the greatest shit out when I got it. I bought that watch doing what I’ll just refer to as a “come-up” lol. After the first of many great come ups to come. I had just made about 300 bucks. I was strollin the mall by myself. Saw that watch. Purchased. I still have it.
Those burnt biscuts on the counter are more than likely the result of my dad being blowed, falling asleep and forgeting about them until he smelled them cooking. They still got ate though. Fuck the dumb lol.
That stove, you might recognize it from my kitchen currently. Hand me down! Still works! Still looks good for the most part. Hopefully to be replaced soon actually. Like that dish washer behind me. That used to be in my kitchen too (not the new one). It’s been replaced by something much liver lol. That shit was leaking anyway. It served us well though lol

That chain I have on, I think my sister gave it to me if I remember correctly. I could be wrong though. I used to wear my class ring (97) on it. Don’t hate lol. I just couldnt bring my self to actually wear my class ring is what it really was. That shit was big as fuck. But it was like niggas paid for it, so it had to get some burn some home. Good thing I’m all about compromise, middle ground and alternative solutions lol.
That refrigerator is barely fucking hanging on to life in my parents garage. Not at that house. But in a bigger one, not too far from there. But they will soon be leaving that place too. Dont ask me where they going though. I dont fuckin know.

I still tower over that refrigerator like that, if not more actually. I could have grown since that picture. I dont know how tall I was in that picture, but im 6’6” now.

In the back of me, if you can make it out, there is a china cabinet. Sigh… that china cabinet is the reason why I ABSOLUTELY REFUSE to every buy living room furniture ever in my fucking life. Why in the fuck would you pay all that fucking money for shit you dont fucking use but 7 times a gotdamn year. IF THAT?!?!?! And then, make your fucking kids lose precious hours of their fucking childhoods dusting that useless piece of shit. Never fucking even ate out of half that shit. Niggas dont even know where that shit is right now at this very moment.
Yea, I’ve had sex more than once, right where the biscuits and glass are. bang bang. On the other side of the sink too…. and on the floor lol.

That blender back there behind me next to the spice rack. Thats the blender that started my liquor career. I think me and Lonnie asked my Mom very suttly if we could get a drink of the smoothie she was making, and she was like sure and made us one each. Niggas was like AH YEA! She thought she was about to get as faded for the first time, show us how it was under supervision I guess or something. And probably get a good laugh in the mean time. Except for it didnt happen like that lol. She got super faded!! lol And I just had a little buzz. Lonnie was way passed buzzed lol. And it was ME who was laughing at other niggas expense!! And it has been happening like that 80% of the time every since then lol.

Sigh, I can remember spending HOURS scrubbing the grout of that counter top. With a fucking tooth brush. No it wasnt mine. But it was still a fucking toothbrush. You would be surprised how much bullshit can get kunked up in that shit. AND you wouldnt believe how fucking long it takes to fucking get the fuck out. Notice, I have no grout in my kitchen… or house. Shit is NOT an accident lol.

That toaster oven behind me is responsible for 90% of my bad experiences with toaster ovens lol.

I remember one day my sister got choke slammed AGAINST the side of that refrigerator that you can see, by my mom, with one hand, all of a sudden, out of no where, very swiftly lol. Notice how narrow the space is that qualifies for some one to fucking choke slammed against in the first place. Oh, and not once. Like 7 times, back and forth nigga, talking to her telling her what the fuck it was and what the FUCK it was in between slams!!! It was fucking brutal and very fucking gutty!!! GOTDAMN!!!!!!
Niggas ask me all the time, OJ… how is it that you can keep a straight face during some of the shit you say, and not laugh? I’ve been through enough life threatening ass moments like these, is usually my answer. I wasnt the only nigga there that saw that shit too. It was me, John(maybe), JD(maybe) and RJ (for sure) and my Dad. She got folded. And didn’t even fucking cry!!! Which made the shit even more fucking funny!!! She took them blows. But she was in OBVIOUS fucking pain. Gotdamn lmao. She cried when she got upstiairs though. Do you think we laughed when my sister ran upstairs wounded as fuck?? NOOOOPE!!!!! Not at first at least!!!! We made sure my Mom was WELL into her ass whooping before we let out anything!! Fuck that!! Niggas had to fucking leave after that shit. Gotdamn. We didnt feel like it was safe to laugh any where, I still dont think we’ve laughed at that shit all the way lol.

The jack ass who invited that type of lighting system with those plastic things, needs to be drug out into the middle of the street and beat like a dog. No, not the dude who invited it. The dude who ok’d the shit. Because he probably pissed off the dude who invited it, and he gave him THAT bullshit. Presuring him to hurry up n shit lol.

Sigh… Look at young OJ though. Oh if this guy knew what the fuck was ahead of him. He had already been through alot at the moment of this photograph. Who fucking knew ALLLLLL the new bullshit that would be dumped on you ruthlessly. All the address changes. New faces. New situations. New problems. Old problems from this picture even, that you were totally unaware of at the time of this picture.
This guy here, went full steam ahead into the unknown. As hard and as fast as he could. Determine unshakable will. Drove head on into “I dont know”. I don’t know how else to put it. I didn’t know what the fuck I was doing. I didn’t know where the fuck I was going. But I knew I was getting my Black ass the fuck up out of there, some how some way. I didn’t realize how bad or how much I needed to get the fuck up out of there. I was determined to be successful and comfortable. And I didnt care how fucking hard I had to work to get there. At the moment that picture was taken, my mind state was I didn’t care what I had to do to get there. I just knew I wasnt gonna be fucking dumb about it. Fuck that.
This guy pictured was completely unaware of so much, ranging from a wide span of shit. Sometimes it feels like damn near everything. This guy pictured has done so so so much he would thought he would never do. That guy pictured would have never thought that this guy typing this would be THIS fucking blowed right now. lol. Thats right. Wasnt smoking really in this picture yet. Maybe a few times. But I had actually stopped and wasnt interested for a long time. These days… can I go with out it? Yup. I do it all the time. I just dont do it often enough to count remember or care about.
This guy in this picture has had alot of great fucking times since this picture was taken. WAY better times than before this picture was taken actually. Many many many many great times. With alot of great people. Some of those people I knew before this picture was taken, Alot of those times though have happen with people I’ve met after this picture was taken. Which is kinda sad to me sometimes honestly. But fuck it nigga, the nigga in the picture, feels the same way this nigga typing it does. FUN IS FUN NIGGA!!! The times I have had countless super great times since this picture was taken. Adulthood has been fucking wonderful to me lol. I may have lost my mind at one point. But all in all… its been great. Way better than being a kid by far. It’s really everything the guy in the picture hoped it would be! The guy in the picture really never thought that he could have it as great as this guy typing it does.
Alot of the things that that guy wanted in that picture. This guy typing has, or will have it soon. And if not soon, knows he can get it at some point because, fuck look at all the shit he got now. There was no telling the guy in the picture No, then. And there is no fucking telling this guy typing this shit No now, still. No matter what.
Its been about 10 years since that this shit was taken. The guy typing this is still pushing through the unknown. Just not so fast. At a pace I like to call, In a hurry, but not in rush. So I’m not full steam ahead so much. But I’m moving at a nice fast steady OJ pace, under control. All the while, I’m still passing muthafuckas up.

Thats all for now I guess. A nigga is tired. And I will be recieving hella calls tomorrow (today – in 6 to 8 hours lol), hella early.

Why? peep the date homie. It’s fuckin OJ day. If you’re not gonna give me a gift. You should give somebody else a gift and tell them it was because of me, and then give them a high five!


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