Uhmah Park

Dammit. I really like these shoes, but they HURT like a muthafucka. No matter what kinda socks I wear. It’s fucking terrible. These are Cole Haan’s with the Nike Air bottoms or whatever. HYPE! So on friday, these go back to Nordstroms. I’m so sad. They are so fresh for like 10 min or 50 steps then everything goes to shit. It’s fucked up. I wore these out to some where in Pasadena with some friends of mine. I cant even remember what happen right now a nigga was in so much fucking pain. I felt like some of the females I’ve kicked it with when they complain about their shoes kickin they ass lol. But they dont wanna get rid of the shoes because they are so cute.

I dont think these shits is “cute” rather than “fresh”. And these shits will be returned to the retail store in which they came. I couldnt even smoke AND drink away the pain. Oh, and like a dumb fuck… I did that shit TWICE! I thought maybe, if I wore thinner socks they might not hurt. WRONG WRONG WRONG!!! PAIN was once again my companion for the night. I would have brought some other shoes, all the other shoes that I had that were maybe appropriate were way too dressy. I thought I was cool for a long ass time. And then I dont know what happen… some where in Santa Monica , these shits started whooping my ass. And what the fuck were we doing that night? Bar hopping! Gotdamn!! I drank alot that night, and felt every last fucking step. Shit was terrible. There was no drinking away that pain.

Anyway, lucky for me that Nordstroms is having a mens sale starting on Friday! It goes down for me! I might have to make a special trip to the city and everything.  I have to figure out what I want though. Peace. lol