Uhmah Park

Through out the time Black people have been in this country, we have had to fight for "equality". We have had to fight for our rights to be treated with the same respect as every one else, in every aspect of human relations. Education, Entertainment, Labor, Politics, Law, Religion, War, Economics and Sex…. well maybe not sex so much lol.

We’ve fought and fought, and struggled… just to be treated and regarded in the same manner as the ruling class in this country.

Me and my cousin was talking the other day about movies. Particularly movies with scenes featuring alot of death and carnage. And of course, we started talking about the first 20 min of Saving Private Ryan and the Invasion of Normandie. We also talked about how BAD of a plan that whole thing was lol. Now im not a historian at all. Nor have i done much research. But as far as I know… as far as we both knew at the time. Wasnt no niggas storming the shores. Because Black soldiers wasnt allowed to see combat like that back then. There could have been a few niggas out there, but im sure there wasnt very many. In the movie, i didnt catch a one.
Now everybody remembers how graphic Saving Private Ryan was. I mean, some of them dudes never even made it off the boats!!! Bullets was flying around every where, fuckin people up. Killin muthafuckas left and right. But wasnt no niggas out there.

I was thinking… when news got back of what had happen and what not. Although they managed to put enough people up there to take over the beach, still… alot of muthafuckas died that day. So yea i was thinking, that was probably one of the only moments in Black history in America when niggas said to themselves… Damn, Im sho glad i wasnt equal that gotdamn day!
That was a dumb ass plan. Im kinda surprised they didnt send every last nigga in the military to the beach on the first wave or some shit lol.

lol ah man, we had a nice laugh over that shit.

This also reminds me of something I saw on the movie Patton. Where General Patton said something to the effect: Its not about you dying for your country, its about making the other bastard die for his!
Ive always thought that was pretty great lol.


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