Uhmah Park

The back of OJ’s Head, now featured at the Smoking Section.

For the record… I didnt get caught with all that bullshit in my hand. Just big four lol. I did score a dub tho… although I dont think it was in this game. I had to take a lap on that one. lol

Whats in the bottles? Afghani Kush, and Neon God (some good ass purp).

Here goes my Smoking Section lol. Props to P for that logo, that shit is dope. I need to purchase another bong to put those  sticker shits on.

Anyway, these pictures ( not the one to the left lol) are from my birthday / yongs graduation party. BJ Penn did some dude dirty on this nite. It was great
I will admit though. I did the shittest of jobs letting people know about the party. Some people got offended. But they are gonna have to understand. A nigga is lazy. My main form of communication is phone, text, email, IM. Notice that list doesnt include myspace or facebook, sorry (not really) but thats too much clicking just to say whasup or anything else actually. I got shit to do. And unfortunately if you dont contact me or havent returned one of my phone calls in the past. We probably dont talk much. But I feel like if we were really cool like that. You would know that about me and make the proper adjustments lol.
Its cool though, I’m trying to kinda do something about it. In the mean time Yong and Syl will have to serve as my party planning committee i suck at that shit lol.

Anyway… Here goes some pictures from the party. Some taken by me… some taken by Bret or whoever had my camera… some taken by P.

Yong – Mean muggin you with Gucci glasses on lol.

Syl, Yong, P

Qwan… is that how you spell this mans name?

Yong and Bret


Marquise ? I dont know how to spell this mans name either, but he is the fucking GUTS.

Me, Mark, Marquise??, Clever

You’re the man dogg!!

Here I am explaining how John, The guy in all white for no reason, is the greatest thing to grace the earth in some aspect of life. I cant remember right now. But it was the guts. I was snapping pictures in his face to give the papporazzi effect while informing everybody how great John is/was which ever lol. Then pictures were taken of me talkin shit lol.

That was fun…

But then fatigue and all smoke and drink kicked in. I couldnt find a place to sit, so I found an inconspicuous corner lol. Or so I thought.

Then some how, this, became this…..

lmao… its my party (and my house) I’ll pass out in the corner if I want to lol. Gotdammit. But no really, I was hella tired. I forgot to drink some coffee before the party started. Thats what I get lol. I wake up too early to be up drinking all night these days……….. unfortunately lol sigh. BOOOOO responsibility! lol


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