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Ill Victimize The Lil Girl With The Karate Fit On

If there are going to be bad people in this world. At least the vast majority of them are dumb.


Maybe this pervert didnt notice that she had on, what appears to be a Karate Fit? Maybe he wasnt a perv, maybe he wanted to just rob this lil girl for her ipod like an asshole. In any event. He paid for his sins at the unforgiving hands of a lil girl who clearly wasnt having none of that bullshit on THIS day. And to prove her point. Not only did she beat this muthafucka the fuck down and stood over him like she was talking to him while beating his punk ass. She drug this dude BACK in the elevator, but she chased this mtuafucka OUT of the elevator to continue the ass whooping she was handing out! I would have loved to see how this ended up. And if this guy actually got a black eye or showed any phyical damage taken by this lil ass girl lol.

Good job lil girl! Those Karate lessions have clearly paid off lol.


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