Uhmah Park

You know what some of the worst shit ever is?

when youre trying to get the fuck out of the house, and your ipod wont disconnect from your computer. Dammit I hate that shit! Ive found my self talking to my ipod like its a bad ass kid holding you up from going some place.

“if you dont quit bullshiting and come the fuck on! Gotdammit!”

or something along those lines lol.

My shit has froze for up to 20 min before. It sucks because i know i can just disconnect that shit and reset it (Hold the menu button and the center button down together for like 5 sec + ). but i really feel like id fuck my shit up if i did that often.

oh well… Thank God it doesnt happen often.

sigh, i hear the next ipods wont work anything like the ipod functionality on the iphone. Which is beyond wack. imagine a 80 gig iphone, that just wasnt a phone, but you could do all the other shit on it that the iphone could do. like wifi to get on the net in a hotspot, Bluetooth (yes steve, ipod users WILL charge two devices gotdammit, stop bullshiting), take pictures, take movies, TOUCHSCREEN, BIGGER SCREEN (for these damn movies!) and honestly while im talking about it… a bigger hard drive wouldnt hurt either. movies take up hella space. but think if an ipod could do all that?
id pay 500 bucks for that shit in a heart beat. No phone parts means more space for a hard drive and possibly extra goodies, but i could be wrong, i dont know how the shit was built. but it makes sense to me! lol

if a touchscreen cell phone with a 8 gig hard drive, ipod functions, camera functions, and video recorder functions can be 500 bucks. Then a ipod with a touch screen a bigger hard drive and ipod functions, camera functions, and video recorder functions can be 500 bucks.

does that not make sense, am i crazy?