Uhmah Park

If You Stay Ready… You Aint Got To Get Ready!

yes! that old sugafree shit. i love that shit… imma turn that shit on right now.

ah yea!! PLAYA HAM!!!

you have to be a fan to know what im talkin about….

but still… im talkin about this because its a shame more people aint heard this song.

more people need to understand what this nigga is saying! its some pimp shit, but its some real shit….

If you stay ready… you aint got to get ready….

if you stay on your toes… and you stay prepared… then when the moment where you need to be prepared for some shit, then you got that shit covered with no problem!

if you properly prepare yourself for shit you gotta do, or gone have to do… you can handle that shit with no problems when the moment comes about!

in the song this nigga say:
If you stay ready, what you got to get ready fo?!

ask yourself!! if im prepared… what do i have to get prepaired for when i NEED to be prepared? not a muthafuckin thing! because i was already prepaired!!

thats right!

so now youre on your shit and you are so cold with yours!

hard work and making sure your knowledge runs deep in said subject will put you at the top!!! where you should be! because youre the most prepaired!!

and there it is!

lol anyway… i thought id share these thoughts with you muthafuckas, because that song was in my head. and im the most blowed ive been in a long time. so im havin all kinds of prolific ass thoughts right now. this is great.

but damn, have you ever been so blowed you feel like you got to tell somebody about it! like man… youll never believe how high i am! foreal!
thats what i feel like right now

imma go watch 24, recorded on my dvr. it goes down for me!


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