Uhmah Park

anywhere you go… i am gonna find you

everywhere you go… ill be right behind you…

just to let you know and constently remind you… you will never be as dope as i am… gotdamn!!


i truely think if even 60% of Black people in this country just decided they had enough of the bullshit… and got together to move out of the country for a more stable homeland and all around better situation… i dont think the government would really let us leave.

or there would be an “accident” in route to our new homeland. couldnt get us all… but still lol

and finially… if we did get to where ever we decided to go. there would probably be a serious embargo on which ever country we go to, ( that doesnt have US influence ) or war or some sort of confrentation between the two countries.

doesnt matter tho… the majority of black people are too trianed and conditioned to even think about doin something like that. And those of us who would think to get together to be out, lol we enjoy capitalism too much.

so we aint goin NOOO where.

might as well make the best of things.