Uhmah Park

I got high as possible so I could come back to this and laugh at it as much as possible.

“is this whats hot in the streets these days??” I honestly cant help but wonder how many girls really find this appealing. Im sure its more than I think. However, I’d seriously hate to have to deal with any girl who did happen to find this appealing. For reasons I wont even bother to get into lol. Mainly because, its not that “I cant stop laughing at this”. Its like, Im not actually laughing, but Im laughing uncontrollably on the inside. If that makes sense to anybody.

This is the random link I was sent, no explanation, no nothing. I click the shit, and it says fuckin, “Wild Stallion Tang”. So I immediately assumed it was an openly Gay R&B group. I thought, you know, hey… bold move. Usually everybody just say “oh them niggas is gay” when some fruity ass R&B group comes out. I only watch the second Flavor of Love season (I have no regrets! although it forever turned me off to watch another reality show ever again ever.) so I only barely know anything about anything. I didnt watch I love New York, however, I did see pieces of episodes when somebody else had that bullshit on. But I dont know whats really goin on at all. But apparently, the nigga on the left, and the nigga in the middle are brothers. Go fucking figure. ?? And the both these niggas were on I Love New York at the same muthafuckin time? Really? Seems a bit trifflin… I dont know. It seems somethin, maybe Im just blowed. Maybe Its this fucking picture throwing me off lol.

The nigga on the left, looks like a gay camron, or like Cam dressed in drag or something. Do these niggas have on eye liner? Or am I blowed? They dont look like that on the VH1 site, Im just sayin…. they HAD to put on some kinda makeup for that shit lol. Anyway. See, I dont like to say retarded shit like “thats gay” because the gay shit people call gay these days, is usually just overly wack. And I cant say being gay is wack, because I dont believe that. I also believe its not for me, lol. So to say something is gay because its wack, to me is retarded. However lol.  This nigga on the left, has manged to look gayer than Camron did, draped in fucking pink, rolling around in that fucking pink range rover. But he has on Black and White. Astounding how he manged to pull that shit off.

The nigga in the middle looks like Money Mike in drag. That HAS to be a fucking weave. And if its not, then nigga damn. Your ear is poking through your hair like youre a white girl or something. With all the feminness in this picture going on, I almost thought this nigga had on a cleavage shirt. As a titty man, I was about to be FUCKING offended lol. However though, I would like to point out this niggas old school TLC, what about your friends, metal peace sign lol. I’d say it was on a shoe string, or a string of yarn, but then I feel like that would be hating lol. And Im not hating, Im presenting my perspective, which happens to be saturated with what I believe to be humor.If I was hating, I would have said his peace emblem was Die-Cast Metal, instead of just metal, which you can clearly see it is some kind or form of metal. I hope. lol If it was plastic though, a nigga wouldnt be surprised lmao. lol This niggas goes by “Real”. There aint no way in the hell this nigga hasnt been growing that hair sense he was little. His real nick name was probably “Real Gay”. This nigga got on tv, and shortened that shit. He was probably one of them little niggas who you bring up when people start talking about “can you be born gay?”. I think every Black person believes one can be, ONLY because of personal experience lol. And to all those niggas who were born gay and couldnt help it. This man is clearly your champion lol. This nigga looks like he is perpetually really to smack his lips. The only excuse that nigga has for his hair being long is that he is a pimp. Which I would believe. Ive seen pimps in some shit. So fuck it. Id believe that. But, no self respecting REAL… HA!!!! LMAO!!! LMAO!!! my bad on the pun … ok… REAL pimp would be caught dead on I Love New York. lol. So clearly, this aint the case. Seriously though, lets for one second. Lets just say this nigga isnt gay. So if he isnt gay, then the only reason he would have his hair this long is to be fly, and pull him a bitch or three mayne lol. So any female who think this nigga here “swag” is off the meter. Seriously, this nigga can have alllll them muhfuckas. Please do take them. He deserves it lol. Does this nigga have on a choker. Time out, I strangely feel like somebody showed me this shit before. I feel like Ive noticed this niggas choker before, I may have not gotten around to talking about it. But thanks to Crunktastical ( where I saw this shit at lol ), I got to laugh at this shit again like it was brand new lol.

The nigga on the right, looks like Jamie Foxx, from the first episode of The Jamie Foxx Show. Of course, the gay version lol. It also appears he took a missy hair cut from around that same time period and fit that shit in his get up. Stop it dammit. Is his jacket, velvet?

This picture looks like, they put together a musical like Idewild and combinded it with an urban version of Broke Back Mountain. And this picture was the album cover for the sound track to that movie, they started in, and also… preformed the entire soundtrack lol.

lol these niggas look like they are on the white carpet at the gay thug fetish ball lol.

Alright, I think Im finished laughin. Imma go find something else to laugh at lol.


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