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If I Owned A TV Station

I wouldnt air ringtone commercials purely out of spite, Those and phone wallpaper commercials. Them shits is super painful to sit through. Them shits is like TV Spam, its the worst shit ever. 

If I owned TV station, id have the doe, I wouldnt need their business… fuck it.  

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I mean really…
the silent ring shit…
see if you or your friends can hear it….
try it today! (um no!)

I can’t even stand those get one joke a day bullshits…

Its all crap.

lol I sound bitter lol.

Hummmm… yeah first I’ll buy up all these shity ass reality shows…. I’ll let each one get to like the 6th or 7th episode… then right when one these spoiled rich bitches start cryin about how the fuckin toe nails on the little rat dog wasn’t painted right. I’ll get like 5 wolverines and wrap’em in barbed wire and set’em on fire… then I’ll unleash them evil bastards in the house and whatch all slippery ass over privelleged real TV idiots run and scream like crazy… aw I can hear it now …

spoiled kid: “mom I really feel like you’re not listening to me”
stupid mom : ” well I’m sorry but haven’t been the same since I found out my inheritance is only 6 million”

spoiled kid: ” why is it always about… (hears a loud thud) … wait whatz that noise???”

then the smell of burning hair fills the room and then…


I’ll do that for every show … camera man, the sound man , the producer I don’t give a damn everybody goin down

then we can put on some good shows like 8 is Enough and Gimme a Break

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