On GP (General Purposes)


( editors note: please refer to the previous entry before reading this one. as for you will not have the slightest clue on what the fuck i am speaking on…. thank you! )

its 5 a – muthafuckin – m…. but i got that shit to MUTHAFUCKIN work…


i knew that bullshit would fuckin work…
i still need to get another fuckin video card tho… 16 megs just doesnt crack.

man… its a good thing nobody is awake right now… because id slap the dog shit outta some fuckin body! i am fuckin HYPE!
i added ALL 4700 plus pictures to that bitch and it didnt freeze on me ONCE! GRRRR NIGGA GRRRRR!!!

imma do some push ups and work off this energy and black my ass out!

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An intelligent Christmas

I would like to remember you that for Christmas make an intelligent present is mandatory.

I would like to remember you that your company may grow up if you promote it doing something good for all.

By the way instead of making silly presents or nothing at all, you can help people spend only few money buying presents in good ethical products made by people of poor countries.

By the way instead of giving a diamond to your wife you can give a surgical operation to a child that absolutely needs it, or a year of scholastic education to a whole children class in India or Africa.

I give you one of the many possible chances that I like, whith no intermediates and wastes: just go to the site of The Shantidhara Social Servcice Society, (click here and let you give a school to thousands children with a small donation;

they are used to do everything with only few money.

Here many other ways to start immediately and be useful to everyone:

I know problably you know and do these things, but don’t be afraid to talk about it with your friends!

So do your own act; because it’s easy to talk to stop wars, but where you don’t sow love, there is only hate that grows up.

Domenico Schietti
2010 Poverty Elimination

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