Uhmah Park

Not really, but yea. This commercial is Hilarious.


With the added guttyness of Peyton Manning, its impossible to go wrong! Sadly this advertising effort will not result in me buying a Bravia. I have a love / hate relationship with Sony electronics. Although I do hear that this tv would play nice with my ps3 and HD sony camera. Yea… thats right, to not really want to fuck with sony shit. I have enough to have enough lol. Sony electronics are high end, but hella over priced. On top of that, you will probably have to buy an accessory that only works with sony shit. IE the media stick. Only recently have sony products incorporated universal media slots. Yet you can only use a media stick with sony shit. Ridiculous. Kinda like how these fools made another commercial with a different joke at the end. Which was hilarious, but not like the other one. lol