Uhmah Park

lol corny ass commercial…

and now… we join oj and kwasi, while they discuss the newest commercial by k swiss….

The OJ: i wear my k swiss……….

The Unsinkable: LMFAO

The Unsinkable: hella naw

The OJ: i….. wear……. my k swiss…

The Unsinkable: that’s commercial is so retarded

The OJ: lol man help me… i think imma fall victim to marketing

The OJ: lol that shit is corny

The Unsinkable: hahahahhahahahhahahahaha

The Unsinkable: who is the light skinned kid wit the fro

The Unsinkable: i know him from somewhere

The Unsinkable: but i can not remember

The OJ: damn…

The OJ: im not knowin….

The OJ: it looked a lil hot for him to have a fro with a warm up on tho

The Unsinkable: haha

The OJ: they got some pretty beat to shit females on that commercial too

The Unsinkable: lol

The OJ: one of them females look like they had bitter beer face…

The OJ: oh yea… kkarma was lookin for you

The Unsinkable: haha…she got me

The OJ: lol

The OJ: and after all that… i still wanna pair of k swiss…

The Unsinkable: lmfao

The Unsinkable: i forbid it

The OJ: i got me some white low top air force uno’s but the left one fucks my foot tha fuck up… i cant even put pressure on it… that shit HURTS lol… so i think imma be forced to get me some all white k swiss lol

The Unsinkable: hahahhahaha

The Unsinkable: just stop it oj

The Unsinkable: u gonna make me hop a flight to la


The Unsinkable: wait the boss is flying out tomorrow so don’t make me put a hit out on u

The Unsinkable: lol

The OJ: lol damn… lol

The OJ: if it mean that much to you lol

The OJ: but if it means anything to you… i was considering gettin a pair before that corny ass commercial lol

The OJ: i had some shell toes last year… so i was gonna switch em up this year lol

The Unsinkable: hahaha

The Unsinkable: well if u had the motivation before the commercial then it’s permissable

The Unsinkable: lol

The OJ: well thank ya al mighty unsinkable

The Unsinkable: you’re welcome my son

The Unsinkable: lol


now back to the Laker game.