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I Wanna Work From Home Too!

If you a frequent watcher of espn or headline news like I am, then maybe youve heard of “The Work At Home Institute” (watch me get hella spam now lol). And I had a thought.

First of all, lol, if you check the website, this fucking place has a fucking “seal” that says “POSTERUS SECURUS” lmao which is the guts in its self. But every time I see this commercial about how you can work at home, and these people will show you how… I think to my very blowed  self, I wonder how the people who have to go in to work every day AT the Work At Home Institute feel about that shit? lol I wonder whats preventing them from wanting to work at home? I cant call it lol. I cant really only imagine though.
What a fucking scam that shit has to be there lol wow lol.

I can say from personal experience from working at home for the last 7 years. It definitely has its pros, and it definitely has its cons.  I have enjoied it, but I think its honestly about time for me to move it into a studio / office of some sort. I have a need in my soul to be a social. Talk to other people, get into some shit with some people. I dont know whats wrong with me.

Normally, when people with bloggers talk about shit like this, they try to share experiences, and give tips. Well Im not. Figure that shit out your self like I did. If you want it bad enough, you wont give up until you get it right anyway.

2 replies on “I Wanna Work From Home Too!”

Ohh OJ, still killin me after all these years.

1) I find it hilarious everytime you use the word ‘bloggers’ like everyone else uses the word ‘blog.’ you’re extra old school for that.

2) I am one trying to find myself a way to work at home and I thought to myself, “Self? OJ is the perfect person to ask about this lemme take him out to lunch and u know, pick his brain.” Yeah this post ruined that thought! LOL!

sheeeeeit nigga we can do the lunch part lol.

but honestly, ive been trying different shit for over 7 years now lol. the only thing i can say is try to impose the maximum amount of discipline on your self possible. treat your job like a job and home like a home. try to create as much separation as possible. as dumb as some things might seem to you or other people. Also, dont over work your self, no matter what in 90% of instances. if youre gonna work 10 hours a day, then do that. just make sure you get out the house every once in while, even just to walk around the corner (although i never take my own advice). i suppose there is other shit you could do, but i got other shit i could do and im trying to get some lunch out of this, fuck the dumb lol.

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