Uhmah Park

I value efficiency over most things. One of the first things I ask my self when I evaluate any thying is “how well does this work”.

My perspective says if something (any thing) doesnt work well, youre bound to fail eventually. I always see people buy things because its pretty or because its cheap. And most times it either breaks or doesnt work well or both. The out come can vary from “oh that sucks, oh well” to “its the end of the fucking world!”. But either way the outcome wasnt positive.

When i think of Efficiency, i think of two things; Progress and Stability. Most things in this world work and happen because of progress and stability. You can apply it to almost any situation. From personal to professional, street to corporate, villages to countries. Even if youre cool where you are, stability is key. We all need it as people. Most other things need it to survive. Its nature.

Efficiency represents positively from my point of view.

When something (anything) works well that im dealing with the feeling of satisfaction that I get is super awesome.