Uhmah Park

I think….

– the new coors commercial with hits is the gotdamn guts.

– marice clarett is another kobe waiting to happen. i also think that nigga got the worst skin possible. he look like he’s never washed his face.

– the nfl bastards that voted for / came up with the new inzone celerbration rules are fun murdering facist assholes. dammit… i love football… and i love a good muthafuckin inzone clerbration. i like to see the shit that the different players to. i love that shit. its hella fuckin entertaining. its cool tho… old stickin the mudd muthafuckas… the only team that didnt vote for the new rules. The Raiders of course. one of the greatest, most ledgendary teams in professional sports! thats why i support them every gotdamn nfl season! its all about the silver and black.

– kobe is the man! and the lakers are the best thing goin! almost as good as chicken as far as im concerned!

– the new chris rock stand up, is saturated with truth. and gotdamnit that nigga damn near talked me out of ever gettin married. but… fuck that. nothing is better than regular ass. regular ass makes new cut instantly over rated. especially if its good regular ass. good lord. but yea… the new chris rock shit is halarious. i wanna watch that shit again.

– the Black Eyed Peas, NBA commercial is kinda catchy. and i really dont like bep all that much. its the funny tho. i dont remember them starting out like that.

– the lakers are going all the way. fuck what anybody else have to say.

– CAMEL…. Camel is a dumb ass name for cigerettes. honestly. how do nasty ass spittin, shitty ass Camels and death causing ciggerettes coralate at all? think about it… have you ever fucking seen a gotdamn camel? would you want one of them stinking ass thing askin for a drag of your cancer stick? FUCK NO! have you ever taken a look at thier fuckin lips? nigga ugh! i dont smoke ciggs.. but i know a camel is never hittin anything im smokin on.
in the primary area that a mutahfucka would see a camel on the regular… or use one for transportation. are them muthafuckas even allowed to smoke ciggs? and if they are…. why? i dont really like smokin when its hot as fuck. lol who else would? lol dah. anyway.

– that often when i partake in my inbreation rituals. i tend to fucking over do it. real bad. sometimes are worse than others. but i make sure that i over do it. or get some where in the prosimity of that area. because i believe it keeps me from being addicted. if i get too fucked up, to the point where i cant really do shit. then that means a few things. like… i cant go no where and REALLY fuck up lol. except for the time i was in san deigo for the weekend last year for the super bowl. and i dont think i was sober for more than … eehh… say… 10 hours? lol we stayed fucked up in some capatcity that whoole weekend. it was great. anyway… it also allows me not to be too dependant on any inbreants to be functional in life. you know those people that have to be high to deal with anything? or people that have to have a drink to leave the house… or just to do anything. i dont wanna be one of those people at all man.

– dave chappelle is the guts. ( as ive often said. ) that wayne bradey and rick james shit damn near killed a nigga.

– ehhh i think im done. i can barely sit up straight at this point!


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