On GP (General Purposes)

I see you lookin, witcho lookin ass!

Heres some TMI for that ass; I take about 3 shits a day on average. (See what I did there?) I cant think of any time in my whole life where ive only taken one shit in a 24 hour span.

My bowels are active and unpredictable. Which means I can be anywhere and my stomach will let me know that its time to make moves lol.

This means that Ive been forced to take countless shits in public restrooms. I have been in some very awesome public bathrooms and some disgusting ones. Super fucking disgusting. But nothing is more disgusting than shitting on yourself lol.

There have been plenty of times where i was sitting there, minding my own business, when all of a sudden i see/hear somebody looking for an empty stall. Instead of bending over to check for feet, they just peak through the crack in the stall doors. And damn near every time there is that super awkward moment where this guy looking for an empty stall makes eye contact with me.. while im in the middle of taking a stankin ass shit lol.

Me, theres something about awkwardness that I like. So it really doesnt bother me all that much. Mainly because i know its super awkward for the person that basically got peaking in on another man while he is relieving himself during a pretty venerable and something like intimate moment.
Think about it, if you caught your number 1 enemy in a public bathroom while he was taking a shit and you wanted to whoop this mans ass, he has his pants at his ankles and his pushing out old food. Even the meanest thug you know isnt ready to fight at this moment lol. Im sure even chuck norris himself would take an ass kicking if you caught him in a small ass stall with his pants on the floor and a bubbling stomach lol.

So this random person has made eye contact with me while im shitting and i know its coming, so in that .4 seconds brief awkward ass eye contact, i give this man a “muthafucka foreal?!?!!?!?” Or “i see you lookin with your lookin ass nigga” Type of look lol. Especially if they tried to push the door open and then look LOL. i make sure to try my best to make the situation as awkward as possible for him, purely for my amusement lol.
9 times out 10 this dude is over come by the awkwardness of the situation and i get an apology lol.

Everybody feels some kind of way when they have some kind of interaction with a person who is taking a shit lol. Especially when they dont know the person lol. Its fucking hilarious.

My whole life is saturated with cheap laughs like this.

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