Uhmah Park

While watching the Lakers of Los Angeles, play the Rockets of Houston. My cousin JD pretty much got offended (you read right) that the people at the Houston arena decided to play Funky Cold Medina on a change of possession. Which reminded him of another time we had both randomly heard a Tone Locc classic. And while in the course of being taken through this memory, I had a thought.

What have I done in my past, that probably fucked up a vote for Obama, in this past election. What I mean is… as a Black person, what have I done to somebody of another race that probably made that person feel differently about Black people. So differently, that I probably fucked up a vote for Obama, in this last election lol. This Tone Locc song reminded JD of a time we probably fucked up a vote for Obama. lol This shit was fucking hilarious though!

Also through this coversation Im about to paste up, you will have to deal with random sperts of two Laker fans being pissed off about how the lakers are currently losing to the Rockets with 6 min in the 4th quarter… fuckin shit… lol

O2thaJ: lol why pau get dunked on like that?
KingJuave: damn missed it
KingJuave: who got em Yao?
KingJuave: they need to beat these niggas just for playing wild hting
O2thaJ: lol yea man
KingJuave: wild thing
O2thaJ: LMAO!!!!!
KingJuave: nigga!
KingJuave: I knwo you knwo waht im about reminisce on
O2thaJ: ??
KingJuave: nigga
KingJuave: that white boy walking around your neighborhood
KingJuave: with a fuckin ghetto blaster
KingJuave: playing funky cold medina
KingJuave: or was it wild thing?
KingJuave: i dont remember, but
KingJuave: we sure did try and chase that nigga down! in an effort to find out
KingJuave: ROTFLMAO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

KingJuave: Ill never forget that image nigga
KingJuave: and
KingJuave: the way he got shook and took off on us!

O2thaJ: i remember it vaugley…
KingJuave: that nigga was hard to catch, if we even caght him!
KingJuave: nigga
KingJuave: he had a fuckin tank top
O2thaJ: LMAO!!!!!
KingJuave: a loose ass tank top
KingJuave: some jean shorts, that was a size too small
KingJuave: and a haircut liek Beavis
O2thaJ: was we like at the garage, and he was walkin down Montgomery?
KingJuave: garage
KingJuave: nigga
KingJuave: we was at yo house
O2thaJ: right
KingJuave: saw this nigga walkin down montgomery
KingJuave: we all looked at each other like niga WTF?!?!?
KingJuave: and
KingJuave: was he playing Tone Locc
O2thaJ: LMAO!!!!!
KingJuave: and you was the one to volunteer us, to all go and asee!
O2thaJ: LMAO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
O2thaJ: I BELIEVE IT!!!!!!!!
KingJuave: so we went down montgomery lookin up every block
KingJuave: liek nigga we understood what we saw and it was the guts
KingJuave: but NOOOOOOOO
KingJuave: this was one of those, I gotta stop and point moments
KingJuave: a Nelson from the SImpsons “HA HA” moment
O2thaJ: nigga i guess von wafer is the new person to kill the lakers for no reason now. since that ugly white boy retired….
KingJuave: so i think it was me you yoni and kesha, going to seek this nigga out
O2thaJ: LMAO!!!!!!!
KingJuave: im sure there was one more person
O2thaJ: wow nigga lol
KingJuave: but we looked up every block
O2thaJ: i guess i smoked that memory up partially nigga lol
KingJuave: and finally caught this nigga speed walkin away from us
O2thaJ: i barely remember, but i can see it happening lol
O2thaJ: LMAO!!!!
O2thaJ: up locust?!?!?!
KingJuave: nigga, i cant remember, i think we ended up chasing him up alder
KingJuave: cuz he came from locust
KingJuave: so he might have doubled back, i dont know
O2thaJ: LMAO!!!!
KingJuave: but that nigga, was not trying to find out why we was following him
KingJuave: thats the part that really made it funny to me
KingJuave: felt like we was a fuckin gang for a second lmao!

O2thaJ: so this nigga basically had to out run 4 black people, because he was playing some rap music
KingJuave: oh shit YAO gettin hot
O2thaJ: LMAO!
KingJuave: yes!
KingJuave: nigga, im sure he thought he was finna get his ass kicked for some reason
KingJuave: like, he saw us, see him
KingJuave: and laugh
O2thaJ: lmao i bet that muthafucka stopped listening to rap forever….
O2thaJ: LMAO!!!!
KingJuave: and then when we hit the corner of buckeye and montgomery, he looked back, and just kinda dissapperred on us and shit
O2thaJ: LMAO i have to know what that nigga was thinking, got damn lol
KingJuave: nigga
KingJuave: LMAO
KingJuave: he probably jsut started listening to rap that day!
O2thaJ: LMAO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
KingJuave: he probably peepeed us out earlier
KingJuave: and thought he would impress the niggas, cuz he waanted to be one so he thought
KingJuave: and nigga, his attempt to be down, ended up in him being scared shitless
KingJuave: for no reason at all
O2thaJ: nigga we could have been inviting that nigga to be down with us, for all he knew lol
KingJuave: nigga, we probably wouldve been his frined after we caught him and laughed at him
KingJuave: LMAO!@
KingJuave: right!
KingJuave: nigga wasnt taking any chances
O2thaJ: he could have had some life long friends offa that random moment…
O2thaJ: but he chose to not even take that chance lmao
KingJuave: LMAO
KingJuave: nigag
KingJuave: i almost dont even blame him
O2thaJ: lmao i wonder if that muhfucka voted for obama
O2thaJ: and thought about that moment
KingJuave: ROTFLMAO!

KingJuave: eithe rthat or he thoguth about it, as he dindt vote for Obama
O2thaJ: LMAO
KingJuave: “No way im having niggas in the street chasing me and my kids randomly”
O2thaJ: changed his mind at the last moment lmao
KingJuave: nigga
KingJuave: he probabyl still tells stories about how he almsot got murdered that day
KingJuave: yea there was like 10 gang bangers, with guns, that wanted to kill me
O2thaJ: LMAO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
O2thaJ: lmao
KingJuave: they thought i wsa too cool for them or someehting
KingJuave: i just wanted to be freinds
O2thaJ: because he was playing some tone loc
O2thaJ: nigga…
KingJuave: fuck black people
O2thaJ: he probably asked another black person what he did wrong and the nigga he asked was confused as fuck lol
KingJuave: LMAO
O2thaJ: NO FOUL?!?!?!?!?!
KingJuave: he wouldve had to be!

Now, on to two niggas talking about who they can fucking believe fucking Von the fuck ass Wafer is putting in hella work like this. This is fucking dumb lol.

O2thaJ: fuck!
KingJuave: nigga
KingJuave: the fact taht a nigga with a mohawk is p
KingJuave: WOW
KingJuave: putting in work, makes it seem worse
O2thaJ: lol true… his mohawk does make ever point seem like 4 or 5
KingJuave: anybody dumb enough to have a mohawk, cant be smart enough to score 30
O2thaJ: LMAO!!!!!!!
KingJuave: and the fact that its von wafer with a mohawk, makes every piont feel like 6
KingJuave: this nigga has like 90 points to me
O2thaJ: okur has started a trend of ever random person thinking the y can ball ball if there are enough injuries….
O2thaJ: lmao RIGHT!
KingJuave: OMAO
KingJuave: every random person!
KingJuave: lmao
KingJuave: Trenton Hassel for 30
O2thaJ: the monkey king is gonna fuck around and go for 34 in one of the next 5 games, watch….
KingJuave: Mbenga off the bench for 20 and 10
KingJuave: lmao
O2thaJ: RIGHT!
KingJuave: watching tapes of Okur
KingJuave: getting all kinds of “I can do this ! feelings
O2thaJ: you know what im sayin
KingJuave: liek recieving Tony Robbins motivation injections straight ot the vein
O2thaJ: disney film hype music playing….. this is my shot to show what i got feelings
O2thaJ: LMAO!!!!!!
KingJuave: Anderson Varejo is gonna be waiving off LeBron Picks
KingJuave: i got this
O2thaJ: LMAO!!!!!
KingJuave: man
KingJuave: nigga
O2thaJ: sigh…. of course he was gonna make that shit.
KingJuave: i cant believe this martian lookin niggas has 23
O2thaJ: right
KingJuave: he is going to get 30
KingJuave: and
KingJuave: if the rockets win, im gonna be real pissed
O2thaJ: not even argerging 8 points… but he has 23 in 3 quarters
O2thaJ: right.
KingJuave: right
KingJuave: Im sitting her elike damn, didnt this nigga end up getting cut from the fuckin Defenders
KingJuave: and now here he is giving the lakers 30
O2thaJ: L:MAO!!!!!