Uhmah Park

I love all these uber ignorant Barack Obama parody videos. I dont care whos offended. This shit is AWESOME. I cant help it.

The super funny part to me is, the President does get his thug on. For instance: Yesterday, was the Death Anniversary of Bin Laden, out of no where, Obama shows up in Afghanistan! Addressed the U.S. people FROM Afghanistan. He couldve done that from the White House. But he didnt. He went over there to say what he had to say. It wasnt a photo op with troops. He jumped on TV saying that he was still going after anybody who wasnt on the same page as america for the most part. But he said it IN AL QUEDAS HOOD! lmao. Emerged from between some Hummers like WE OUT HERE!! Its extra real!
A year ago on that day, he didnt give a fuck about Pakistan and their sovereignty or anything else. He had troops over there regardless of what. Fuck you, Pakies… be mad. I said I would. I did.
Thats gangster shit all day long.

How many of you reading this would have flew over to Afghanistan to remind Al Queda and the Taliban that its still real? Thats their hood! Thats where they kick it, post, enforce their ways and laws on people. The same place they let off suicide bombs and rockets. Would you take your ass over there and tell those SAME people that its still real? Youre still on their head and fully intend on killing all of them (in so many words). Of course you wouldnt lol.

Because youre not a gotdamn Gangster like the President and the United States, clearly is. Thats what pure disrespect is all about. Thats the brand of disrespect I LOVE. Its great.

This is just like 2 rival gangs getting into a bloody war. Then the leader of gang A is killed. Then on a year to the day; the opposing gang B leader, comes to their hood and tells everybody in gang A that its still on and we aint gonna stop untill all of you either give up or are dead. And crip walking off stage. That just happen in real life! God Bless America and its gangster ways. Cant help but respect it.