Uhmah Park

OK, so if you didnt know… i have constructed a photoblogger on this here site ( The Uhemhiem ). i put that shit together so i could display some of the photos i have taken over the last two years ( 4 gigs worth over and over 4700 pictures ). So, to help me organize them shits i got Adobe Photoshop Album. A program on paper that is great actually, the interface is great… the tools are great.
However… this shit WILL NOT FUCKING WORK FOR ME! i dont know what the muthafuckin problem is, but that shit will freeze RIGHT THE FUCK UP when i try to scroll some of the pictures… ive wasted one complete whole day with this shit. at one point… i even gave up and looked for another program, sadly the other shit sucked. im not a quiter… i fought with this shit all muthafuckin day. i hate it when shit doesnt work. that shit will fuck up my whole gotdamn day.

i feel so fuckin defeated… i read all over the site, i searched the net. the only thing that could possibly be wrong with this shit is either my video card is suspect…. i dont know HOW or why i have a fuckin 16MB video card… ( other wise my computer is far more superior to most anything on the market… and i put this shit tother over a year ago ). or either…… when i import my photos… there are invisible files being imported as well that album cant read and its freezing the shit up. ( imma have to look into this actually )

but right now… im fucking pissed off.
i would really like to strangle somebody.


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