Uhmah Park

im sittin here bored…

and im thinking…

i need the following things:

i need repair my credit ( i want a jag dammit… that commerical got to me… espeically the part about 350 a month )

i need to make more money

i need to make some new friends who use a mac… 99% of the people i know use a pc lol

i need to make some new friends that know flash better than i do lol… a nigga needs help

i need to eat more… according to everybody… i cant help it… im lazy… i dont feel like cooking AND cleaning… fuck that.

i need to finish redoing this gotdamn site lol

i need to schedule my damn time lol

i need to go to sleep earlier and wake up earlier…

i need to pay off my damn tickets and get my licence back….

i need to repair my fuckin credit… ( did i mention that already? )

i need to find another hotline server with a fast connection and a buncha shit

i think imma install that moveable type shit on this shit too actually…

i need to find somebody willing to send a nigga copy of redmans muddy waters

i also need to find somebody with the last two Total Albums… you know.. those three females?

i need more…. ‘ me ‘ time …. lol

i need to go head and finish making the message boards for this site

i need to stop being lazy ( maybe i can work on that later )

i need to go make me this burrito i been fantizing about for the last couple of days… niggas is hungry.