Guttie Shit

I love it when people dont realize theyre being mocked.

Hide Ya Kids Hide Ya Wife…

So this guy Antoine Dodson helps his sister fight off a rapist after the rapist climbed through her window in the middle of the night. The news shows up and whats to interview this man about what happen. This is how it turned out:

Awesome right? Well alot of other people thought so too. Not only did he help his sister not get raped, but he also managed to make it funny as fuck. Now there are hella songs using the transcripts from the interview. This is the best one so far:

Hilarious… The hook is great lol The best part is the white dude at the end. And then the smile to finish it off. FUCK! that shit is the gutdamn GUTS! HOOOOOO!

So I guess this man is gonna eat his fame up. He actually did a damn meet and greet like he was Taylor Swift or somebody:

LOL I CAN believe this. But it doesnt make it any less funny to me. I love it when people dont understand the mockery they are being faced with. I look forward to a different case every day.
We certainly arent laughing with you homie lol.

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Nigga, flaming homos never realize they are being mocked. Especially if you disguise the mockery into something that feeds into their inner illusion of being some kind of hollywood starlet. In other words this dude really believes that this is the beginning of his acting dreams coming true. Prior to today, I had never seen this video, had no plans on seeing it, even though I seen the still photo and “play” button about 50 times prior to seeing it here. This whole time, what about a week, I thought this dude was just an ugly ass chick from the hood. He looks like Ms. Bonita Batrail, the charchter played by the Wayans sister who would say “I aint one to gossip so you aint heard that from me” Nigga, than as the reporter was saying, the “woman and her brother” I started to wonder, “How the fuck the rapist get away from the brother?” I mean if someone was in my house raping my sister there would be no story about how the per got away. Then they showed her brother… gotdamn man, It all made sense, cuz aint no way in the hell I would let a fag boy like that hold me down. I wonder if this nigga let him get away in hopes that the perp would come back and make him the victim. Did anyone else notice how uncomfortable this nigga looked when he was forced to take pictures with actual woman.

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