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I Know R. Kelly Doo Doo Butter When I See It!

“this is the remix edition… to a song about pissin…”

Dear Nutella,

I know R Kelly’s Doo Doo Butter when I see it! Ive laughed at that Dave Chappelle skit way too many times not to!

What the hell is this stuff anyway? Is it chocolate? And if it is… why in the hell would you spread it on BREAD of all things!? Chocolate and Bread? Thats gross. That shit even looks gross. I find this a lil bit more funny than most people thought because I have a friend who dressed up like R. Kelly one year and walked around with a jar that said “R. Kellys Doo-Doo Butter”… this nigga was puttin it on niggas n shit. That shit was hilarious.

lol yuck

One reply on “I Know R. Kelly Doo Doo Butter When I See It!”

its chocolate hazlenut
idk about putting it on bread but if u go to ihop they have a nutella crepe thats fuckin bomb after some bomb lmao! doodoo butter thats gutty guess i need to watch more dave chapelle!

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